Get the most out of your air conditioning system, year after year.

When your commercial or industrial building is not achieving a desired temperature, it is likely that your HVAC system needs attention. Investing in a high efficiency air conditioning unit is investment for your comfort. Cooling and air conditioning systems used in Canada are: central air, window air conditioning and split systems.

Frontline Mechanical’s commercial air conditioning services include:

• Chemical treatment of water
• Chillers
• Cooling towers
• Multi-zone VVT and VAV control systems
• Pumps and valves
• Rooftop units
• Factory trained multi-stack service

To determine what air conditioning unit is best, contact us today to receive a consultation and assessment. Frontline Mechanical’s service technicians will provide you with a variety of options for each type of cooling. We’ll install and inspect your cooling unit to ensure it operates at its peak performance and efficiency levels.

If an aging air conditioning system unit is less than five years old we suggest you provide general maintenance and repair for your unit. Repairs to air conditioning units older than 6 years old can more costly. We suggest replacement as a better alternative.

When refrigeration levels are low, or coils may be coated in dirt and debris, this will cause your air conditioning system to operate less efficiently. General maintenance on your air conditioning system can extend the life of the unit beyond 15 years. Have your air conditioning system cleaned once a year by an experienced Frontline Mechanical service technician. Our service technician experts are fully licensed and insured in air conditioning repair, sales, installation and air conditioning maintenance.


All of our air conditioning repair services are covered by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Be comfortable all year round with Frontline Mechanical.

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