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Reduce energy costs and save money with Frontline Mechanical’s maintenance plan.

At Frontline Mechanical, we’ve developed a list of simple, energy efficient tips, to help you care for your heating and cooling equipment and reduce costs in your energy bills:

1) Dirty filters can restrict air flow, increase energy consumption and compromise performance. Dirty filters and coils can increase your energy costs by 25%! Make sure to change your air filters regularly.

2) Dirt and debris on coils act as an insulator and interfere with the heat exchange process. As a result, dirty coils make your heating and cooling equipment work harder, increasing your energy costs and shortening the life of your system. Check your condenser and evaporator coils regularly to make sure they are clean.

3) Waterside and fireside buildup, especially soot, along boiler surfaces act as an insulator against heat transfer. A buildup of 1/8 inches can increase your gas bill consumption by 8%! Inspect all waterside and fireside boiler surfaces semi-annually.

4) Convert from oil or electric heating to a high efficiency natural gas system. Your furnace efficiency will increase, saving you money on your next heating bill. Burner inefficiency can lead to a 17% increase in gas bills.

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